Saturday, November 15, 2008

Making the Perfect Wedding Towel Cake Tutorial

Wedding Towel Cake

Materials Needed:

2 Thick Bath Towels2 Thick Hand Towels2 or 3 Thick Washcloths ( I bought these at Walmarts, if you buy the thinner ones add to the number called for)

Bottle of Champagne, or Sparkling Grape Juice or Bubble Bath in bottle that looks like Champagne
Plate Liner - approx 12 inches in diameter ( I bought this at Hobby Lobby $1.87)
3 Large Rubber BandsRibbon Jumbo Roll (10yards) 1 1/2 inchRibbon 5/5 inch
6 miniature Champagne Glasses ( Dollar Tree 6 for $1.00)
Cake Topper of your choice (I chose an oversized Fake diamond Ring from Hobby Lobby $9.99 at 50% off) . You can just use flowers if you prefer.
1 Bunch of Fall Leaves1 Bunch of Fall Mums
Chenille Stems ( I had to use an olive green, I couldn't find the burgundy)

Shrink Wrap Bag in the 30" x 30" Size

Tools Needed:

Wire Cutters
Hot Glue

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