Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yarn Calculator

Need to Know how Much Yarn It Will Take For A Project, try this site:


Posting Your Original Patterns on Forums

This is for patterns, or for those of you that just want to post pictures of your completed items.

I use www.photobucket.com for all my forum pictures.
I use www.flickr.com for posting patterns, yarns, finished projects to Raverly

Both are free.

Re-size your picture to 300 x 300-400 that is what the ville likes. Upload your picture to Photobucket.

Hold your cursor over the picture you want to put on the forum. A small menu will appear. At the very bottom of that menu, click on ' link options' .
That opens a pop-up window ( if it doesn't open then check the yellow strip on your browser. Click on that and allow pop-ups from photobucket).

Now on that pop-up you have all the options. Go to boards and forums. The second box gives you a small picture that is click-able. I love that one.

Click in that box and you will see it has already copied to your computer. I open notepad and paste into that. Do that to all the pictures you will want to use.

Now open your new topic on the Ville, I paste my pattern in first and the where you want your pictures just copy and paste from your notepad.

I save this notepad in case I want to add the pattern to other crochet sites

Now at the Ville, you contact an administrator and tell them you have added an original pattern. They will check it out, then they will pm you back that they have given you a contributors icon, it will say PAT.

Hope this helps

Any other questions just ask