Friday, August 28, 2009

Colorado Hotels Pet Rabbits

We awoke at our motel just outside of Denver Colorado to the cutest batch of rabbits. They certainly weren't shy of strangers.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wyoming Desolate But Great Bufflo Burgers

Wyoming started out green and lovely, though the farther west it also became that dreaded brown, dried up landscape.
I love rocks, especially out of place rocks, like this one tottering in a field.

A short trip off the main road on a disty hill sits The Ames Monument. Its rough to get up close and to get back down. There is a plaque with the full story, if you don't know who the 2 brothers Oliver and Oakes from Massachusetts were.

A quick stop at Turtle Rock to watch some mountain climbers work their way to the top. Great picnic areas if you take your lunch.

This is the famous Terry Bison Ranch. When they tell you their Buffalo burgers have won tons of awards, believe them. Hubby and I like ours rare, the best way to eat Buffalo.