Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's So Hard Reading Posts, Let Alone Writing

Work has taken off, even with the economy supposedly still falling. Traveling takes up a big portion of our time. This last store was in the state of Washington, which was 2,225 miles from our house. We of course stop and see things on our way there and back.

The trip there was pretty bland, seeing mostly browns. From Oklahoma we went through, Kansas, Colorado, ate Buffalo Burgers in Wyoming, visited Antelope Island in Utah, the wonderful Shoshone Falls in Idaho, shot through eastern Oregon and went forever through the Eastern part of Washington. ( Totally boring trip through that part of Washington.)

We had a 45 minute drive to the construction site from Everett, this was a shot I took on our way to work one morning. Luckily we finally moved to another motel closer to the job site, a very nice Best Western, with those thick comforters. That also increased our work days to 14 hours.

I took tons of yarn, but didn't start or finish a single project. Guess it was the stress of the job. Western Washington is filled with some of the rudest people I have have ever met in my life. Though I must admit all but 2 of the people were men. So it could just be possibly the men up there don't like women telling them what to do. Geesh, I need a vacation.

This was Shoshone Falls. Lovely isn't it?

and We were blessed with a rainbow.....