Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crochet Diaper Cover & Hat for the Bearghan

Just using up the excess yarn from, the bearghan project... The diaper cover is an old pattern, but any diaper cover pattern will do.... check out Crochet Central if you need one.

I simply added the same bear face to the tush area.

Now the hat was one of those failed experiments. I had wanted it to look like the tail end of the bear. So when baby crawled,  Oh well you get it... Finally I gave up threw on some eyes, and we now have perhaps if you squint your eyes.... A Potato?

Oh well no looking back and on to other projects

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Crochet Bearghan

I made this cute baby's afghan last month, but sorry, just finally getting around to showing
you. Do you remember this pattern? It's been around forever. The first version I remember
seeing was done out of fleece, with crocheted parts.
This pattern is totally fun. Of course a few small changes were made along the way. I
made it rounder than the original, by using a half-granny square and sort of fitting it to the
beyond the edge. Changes were made the facial features, and head. Add as many rows to
each square to up the size of the entire afghan, so it will wrap around baby. A border goes
from ear to ear, changing colors as needed.
This is good old Red Heart Super Saver. I like using this yarn for charity items, because
you just know a baby's blanket is going to at some time of it's life get thrown into a washer
and dryer. This yarn may not be fancy, and is sort of looked down on..... but it sure does
hold up.....

You can find the patterns

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Garden Shade

I am so tired of this heat. Today they said it was only 99 degrees but I swear it was 120....
If it wasn't for the crepe myrtles, and the magic lilies, there wouldn't be much in bloom. The
Autumn sedums flower heads are evening burning brown in the summer heat. Not much
fall color, I suppose.

This weekend is the Cherokee National Holiday and our town will be filled to the brim. It's a
good weekend to just curl up in the house and crochet. Did I tell you I really, really dislike
crowds? I look at the lovely pictures of everyone on vacation. I'm thinking I really need
one. I am honestly thinking of taking one without hubby this year. Hmmm Has anyone out
there done that? Just curious....

Monday, August 29, 2011

Owl Hats for Little Ones

I Love these little owl hats that I have seen all over the internet... then I came across a freebie for the pattern from a very generous designer, wholewheat.   This pattern is for little ones, from 12 to 24 months. I used good old RHSS and an I hook.  I have one that I am hooking with an H hook, just to see the difference.

You can find the pattern here