Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crochet Diaper Cover & Hat for the Bearghan

Just using up the excess yarn from, the bearghan project... The diaper cover is an old pattern, but any diaper cover pattern will do.... check out Crochet Central if you need one.

I simply added the same bear face to the tush area.

Now the hat was one of those failed experiments. I had wanted it to look like the tail end of the bear. So when baby crawled,  Oh well you get it... Finally I gave up threw on some eyes, and we now have perhaps if you squint your eyes.... A Potato?

Oh well no looking back and on to other projects


Pammy Sue said...

Ha-ha-ha! A potato? I'm not squinting hard enough. The diaper cover is adorable.

"Petunia Pill" said...

Very cute creations! You're so clever!

Virtually Vegan Mama said...

love your bog very creative!!! I'm going to add you to my blogroll, thanks for having me on yours =)


Anonymous said...

Very cute -- you are SOO clever. I'd never have come up with something that adorable.

(Re blocking: I wet the item with a spray bottle and then stretch it to the size I want, pinning as I go. Acrylic doesn't block very well but anything with a natural fiber in it does so this shawl should block fairly easy. Some people wet the garment first in the sink but I just lay it on my block boards and spray it until it's very damp. For blocking board I use those foam playtime mats -- that look like puzzle pieces -- and do it on my dining room table or on the bed if it's larger than the table. I got mine at Home Depot for $17.00 and there are LOTS in the set.)

Anonymous said...

P.S. I forgot to say that after I get it the size I want it I spray it really good again so all the fibers are wet. I pat it good with my hands to make sure.