Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Garden Shade

I am so tired of this heat. Today they said it was only 99 degrees but I swear it was 120....
If it wasn't for the crepe myrtles, and the magic lilies, there wouldn't be much in bloom. The
Autumn sedums flower heads are evening burning brown in the summer heat. Not much
fall color, I suppose.

This weekend is the Cherokee National Holiday and our town will be filled to the brim. It's a
good weekend to just curl up in the house and crochet. Did I tell you I really, really dislike
crowds? I look at the lovely pictures of everyone on vacation. I'm thinking I really need
one. I am honestly thinking of taking one without hubby this year. Hmmm Has anyone out
there done that? Just curious....

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Barbara said...

Can't say that I've taken that kind of vacation but it might be fun if you like going places by yourself. I don't. You are so right on the flowers and the heat. My sedum is still hanging in there and I have leadwort blooming along with the crepe myrtle and sunflowers. But it's supposed to get back up to 100 degrees by the end of this week here. Ick. Hope life gets cooler for all of us.

Hugs XX