Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spring Fling Blanket

A while ago I saw this afghan pattern here at Scotty's Place quite a while ago, where Miss Pammy had done it in such lovely soft colors. I really needed an afghan that could go anywhere and be thrown right onto the ground. Be it a picnic, or an early morning soccer game, I knew this afghan would be washed and washed almost every weekend.
The Spring Fling Afghan is made with Red Heart Super Saver, in Spring Green. The original pattern which you can find here has a plain center. It was too plain for me so I just used a yarn needle and embroidered a center ring of stitches, to give it more color.
These are some beautiful tomatillos, that I had to buy at the grocery store for my Salsa. We planted the purple variety in our garden, but they didn't do as good as the old fashioned green ones.

'Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving', has a recipe for Tomatillo Salsa on page 82. It uses both vinegar and lime juice (probably the new regulations on changing the ph). Needless to say this recipe isn't very good, not at all good with Tostitos. But for some strange reason it is soooo good when it is cooked. We have tried it on chicken (slow cooked), fish (pan-fried)....
This is good Old Catfish fried on a layer of sweet onion, with the Tomatillo Salsa spooned on top. Hubby and grand sons, loved this one, with its absolutely wonderful flavors.


Maria said...

Blog hopped from One Yarn After Another. Love your blanket, such pretty colours and design

Pammy Sue said...

Wow-wow...pretty green Spring Fling! I can't believe you embroidered every flower! That must have taken some time. It turned out really pretty.

The catfish sounds really good to me right now. YUM. I just baked some chicken. Wish I had some of your salsa to put on it.

I've been crocheting away all day. Just finished to more 12-inch pink & green squares. Someday I will have enough!