Sunday, May 24, 2009

Seraphina Shawl in Black Sensations Rainbow Boucle

Seraphina Shawl in Black Sensations Rainbow Boucle

My very first, which definitely won't be my last. This first one was made using the full 11oz. skein. I love this
yarn, even though I was a bit nervous after hearing others complaining about it. The pattern became easy if
you just follow the chart, and don't read the directions.
This was made with Black Sensations Rainbow Boucle and and N Hook. I have already begun one in
Green Sensations Rainbow Boucle with a K hook.
The finished measurements to the black Seraphina Shawl is: from neck to bottom tip is approx 26 inches
and from side tip to side tip is almost 6 feet.

You can find the pattern here.

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Crocheting Mom said...

Wonderful and Congratulations! The variagated yarn gave this shawl a wonderful patterned affect.