Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to Make a Diaper Cake For Baby's Shower - Part 6


25. Attach your stuffed toy around the bottle, using rubber bands to attach arms together and even legs. You want it on good and tight, especially if you are going to mail it.

26. Gather up all the little baby goodies you have bought to decorate the cake. I try to stay with a theme. Tie small ribbons that are long enough to tie the goodies to the main ribbon, or around the top of a diaper. I generally buy a couple Dollar Tree Bibs to put on the back. You can just attach them around a diaper on the top tier. They will cover the back, and it will take less goodies to make the cake look full.

27. You can buy the Dollar Store little washcloths, and put a tight rubberband around the center. tuck one end in-between the diapers. The rolled end looks like roses.

28. Next Cut all your flowers off your big Stem, using wire-cutters. Leave about a 4-5 inch stem on each one. Push the green leaves up close to the top.

29. Add Your Flowers like you would on a real cake. Filling in blank areas.

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Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

wow well done! We don't really have baby showers here in the UK :( but looks like an idea!