Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meet My New Darling Grand-daughter Camryn

Meet My New Darling Grand-daughter Camryn

I was gifted from my oldest son and his wife, with this lovely jewel last week. She is Camryn Jayelle, weighing in at 5 lbs 5 ozs, and a total of 18 inches. She is so sweet natured, she doesn't cry yet, just an adorable squeak. Here's my hubby holding her at her sister's graduation party. She totally ignored the teenagers and was quite happy to be held by all the adults.
The teenagers had taken a new course at their school, called Life-course. They are presented with a lovely electronic baby that is programmed to react just like a real baby. They are graded on how well they parent this vinyl baby. Needless to say every girl at the graduation party knew exactly what to do in any sort of emergency with a child. I wish we had had those classes back in my day.
The downside, was that there wasn't a single girl there that wanted to have children any time soon. I am afraid we might have an entire generation waiting until after they are thirty to start a family.


Pammy Sue said...

Congratulations Granny! She's so beautiful. And 5lbs 5oz is so tiny. One of my boys weighed 5lbs 6oz when he was born so I know how little that is. How sweet!

Sherry said...

CONGRATULATIONS! she is beautiful! nothing like being grandparents

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

awww she is lovely may God bless her and keep her well, she is lovely congratulations!