Thursday, October 30, 2008

Round Ripple For Lindsey

I have enjoyed seeing so many round ripples on the forums lately that I thought what a great Christmas project for the Grand kids. This is my first, made for Lindsey with her favorite colors. I hope they are still her favorite colors by Christmas. I was so worried that it would ripple even with alternating the added stitches at the points. I used Hobby Lobby's " I love this yarn! " in 5 skeins of Yellow and 5 skeins of Black, with a size G hook. Many people on the forum said this becomes mindless, but I still counted. Perhaps because it was my first.

I used Lyn's Round Ripple Afghan Pattern.


Anonymous said...

Love your patterns, however I am having difficulty reading the butterfly coaster gift set. There is a place where you leave it hanging... as to what to do next. Hold the two lids wrong side together, after that it doesn't continue. So I'm a little confused.

Barbara Bradford said...

Hi sorry the pattern continues after you make the butterfly and sew it to one side of the lid. The pattern continues here: