Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Starburst Down, Hexagon to Go

Crocheting rounds to each center, then re-pinning to a different color yarn, actually made this project (well actually 2 projects) go pretty fast.
The layout was actually the hardest part for me, with 2 squares just alike, I had to be careful not to get them close together.  Having tons of safety pins left over from my quilting days, really helped. I pinned the longest strips first, and pinned a paper number to each row. Then because I don't have any short-term memory, I drew a map, and finally pictured the layout. 
The border on the starburst is more solid stitches. I wanted more of a frame, then a border. I am still sewing the hexagon afghan together.
I am still in the cutting phase of my sewing projects, so no pics just yet.


Luna said...

Hi Mrs Barbara ....I can see you have been very busy with the hexagons , they are beautiful.Love them all .....this rainbow of color is gorgeous.....I'm crocheting a pair of slipper ....soon I will show ....I was working days of are Sunday and Monday.
But trying to work a little with my crocheting.
Thanks for visiting , you made my day.


The Garden Bell said...

Now, that's impressive. You must have very very quick hands. Can't wait to see the hex altogether. Congrats on one finished.

"Petunia Pill" said...

It's beautiful! Ha ha...short term memory...I'm with you on that one! I love notes to myself! Enjoy your beautiful blankie! Hugs, Annette

Pammy Sue said...

Heavens to Betsy, girl! You have been busy going round and round. Are you dizzy? Heh-heh. Two blankets at once. You better settle down over there! ;)

These are going to be wonderful and such treasures!

Lostinblue said...

Oh they are beautiful! All that colour together looks amazing.


Crissi said...

the blanket is super beautiful, so much work!
Greetings Crissi

Crissi said...

Oh, you were sooooo busy. A beautiful blanket with a lot of work, beautiful colors!
Have a nice day

Crissi said...

Fantastic, so much work, very nice colors!
Greet Crissi

Crissi said...

such so beautiful colored blanket. That was a lot of work,
Greetings Crissi