Thursday, May 5, 2011

May is Stroke Awareness Month

May is Stroke Awareness Month

There are many different kinds of stroke. One of the most lethal is Brainstem Stroke.  Ninety percent of brainstem strokers die in the first month. Congrats to all our members who have made it!

This was taken this week from my StrokeNet, newsletter.

They say women are more likely to stroke then men, and if you are black, your chances almost double.  I have come along way since I had a Brain-stem Stroke (Bleed). People always ask me, How did you know it was happening, what are the signs?

One night in May,  I woke up with the most bitter taste in my mouth, the kind that no matter how many times you spit, or rinsed your mouth out, the taste was still there.  I walked in and turned on my computer thinking that if I sat up awhile the bitter taste would go away.

The computer never got past the Windows screen, when the nausea hit me hard, double vision set in, I was having trouble breathing and I couldn't quite feel my right side. Then, I suddenly felt extremely calm, almost euphoric and knew I just wanted to lay down, it was such a peaceful feeling, and then I became extremely tired. Just as suddenly, something must have kicked in and I think I went into survival mode. Yelling for my husband as loud as I could muster, it came out like I was speaking in tongue.

My husband is a very heavy sleeper and was in the master bedroom at the end of the house. Somehow he heard me. He came out and I tried to tell him what was happening to me. He started dressing immediately, but time went into slow motion and I yelled at him again 9-1-1, don't ask me what came out but he called and the ambulance was there before he finished dressing.

The young EMT's, gosh looked so very young, they but the Blood Pressure Cuff on me and suddenly I saw them look at each other. The young man went to our phone and called the hospital. I couldn't tell what he was saying, but he returned to the BP cuff and went back into the kitchen. When he came out he said to the young lady, just pack her up and let's get her there. Later I found out my blood pressure had risen to 387/285.

The rest of the story... you know how there is always a twist at the end.... I had been prescribed, just a couple months prior to this, High Blood Pressure Medicine... That night it sat in my cupboard, unopened.. Silly huh? But people had told me not to take it, I would never get off it, I would gain weight, I would feel run down and tired.... Just watch your salt intake..... exercise more....

For Stroke Awareness month I just ask for you to know your numbers and take your blood pressure medicine if needed. Forget the Magazine myths that float out there, forget those helpful friends....listen to your doctor, before your life makes changes, that you can never imagine...


Anonymous said...

Oh Barbara!!!!! Thank God (truly) you are still alive. I knew something had to have happened but no idea you had been through this.

(see my blog for your answer to the question about the squares)

Sharon Marie said...

I'm glad you're still with us. My mom died from a stroke when she was only 33. She wasn't a drinker or smoker and maybe 15 or 20 pounds overweight. She didn't make it. Your post has some very good info.

Faith said...

Barbara, how nice to hear from you, it has been a while. My gosh that is quite the story..hoping you are healing and feeling better..thank you for the advice..I am sure you changed a life, thanks for stopping over my place, hope you stop back again.

Happy blessed Mother's Day.

Faith said...

Wow..what a story, and you lived to tell of it and help others.. I'm
trying to keep a stocked up pantry in the event of...whatever..I would really like to do something about water..if that shuts off...uh oh..Berkey systems transforms any kind of water into clean drinking water..I imagine they are pricey, I need to investigate further. I would love to live independent of whatever is going on in the the amish do, they may be the last people standing. Scary..

Prim Rose Hill ©2008-2011 said...

OMGoodness! What a shock all of this must have been to you! I've been on blood pressure medicine for a few years now and am faithful about taking it. My Dr. also has me on baby aspirin because women are more likely to have stokes. Since I just found out I have diabetes, I've been really working at the weight loss and learning to take better care of myself. You know as women, we often put our selves last on the "care list". Glad you came through it and thanks for sharing your story...and getting the word out to others too! :)

Anonymous said...

The new blog is at and will have all my thoughts about dieting and the possibility of weight loss surgery. Right now I'm about 2-3 months out for any surgery so I'm chronically my adventure in trying to do it on my own. Stop by. I'd love any support or ideas you can give me.

Faith said...

This is very good information..there is a limited window of time where treatment is effective.

I have not seen the bleeding heart
seeds...we get hot here in Oh, but the bleeding hearts I've seen have all been in the shaded areas..

I see you are a Cancer, June or July? Mine is July 4.....thanks for stopping over.

The Experimental Cook said...

Hi Barbara, thank you for sharing. The symptoms mentioned are very useful tips to identifying a stroke. My dad ignored the blood pressure meds, prefering alternative medicine, and suffered many silent strokes. He kept complaining of weakness in the limbs which we attributed to old age. He is now in a sad state as a result from his latest fall.