Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Knitted Fish Tawashi's

Sunshine was back today, perhaps things will dry out so I can get back in the garden.

These are little knitted fish tawashi's from a Japanese pattern book,  the pattern have been

translated and you can find the pattern here.

They are a quick and fun project.  I think I am going to make some for gifts, just trying to

think of what else could go into the gift basket with them.
These are our fish in the backyard pond not wanting to come close to the surface, with it

still being a bit chilly.


Luna said...

Hi Barbara...this is so cute.I love the fishies , are they gloves? Wow love them so much.Great job.

Have e blessed week.

Luna said...

Back again ...you what ? ...you can make some mittens for kids or either for an adult.

Just a suggestion,


Anonymous said...

What about cute little fish-shaped soaps and lotion, etc. I think those are darling.

There's that beautiful yard again. (Sigh)

Hugs from Utah

Barbara Bradford said...

Bev that would be cute... I wonder if Hobby Lobby has any soap molds for fish...

Luna I hadn't thought of making something similar, like a thumbless mitten for infants...

Very cool ideas Thanks

Anonymous said...

Just answering your question from my blog. Yes, back of the granny square is double thickness of a solid pattern (like sc). It doesn't have a closure. It just stays open.