Monday, March 28, 2011

A Wall of Seedlings

 Spring is almost here in Oklahoma. It's been well over a year since our home invasion, and oh, how my life and attitude has changed. The police actually said this was their first call in a decade to this quiet neighborhood, now sadly this entire neighborhood's has changed, everyone is more watchful. I doubt there is a single household that hasn't put in some kind of an alarm system.  The young man that was robbed the week after our incident, was so traumatized that he decided he couldn't stand to live on his own anymore and moved in with his grandparents until he finishes university. 
In our job we simply have to travel, and stay out for long periods of time. So dealing with house-sitters, lawn care service, motion lights, anything to make it look like someone lives here all the time, takes so much time, that it has me drained.I have made a stand this spring, that it's time I stayed home for a bit. It's almost time to plant the vegetable garden. I have started tons of veggies and a few flowers, you can see them lined up on bakers trays, stretched along the french doors in my dining room.

Strawberry plants ( the best Lowe's had to offer, yuk!) are doing well in the Clima-Grow. The lizard isn't real, but I was hoping he would be enough to keep out any insects that make it through.


Barbara said...

So sorry that a home invasion changed your lives but your plants are looking good. It won't be that long before the'll be ready to put in the ground. I can hardly wait for homegrown tomatoes again.

Hugs XX

Luna said...

Hi Barbara.....passing by to greet and to thank you for visiting and leaving a warm comment.This is what it make my day.I like your plants,that's one of my hobbie too,love roses and pansies ect. ect.also to plant some tomatoes , green bell peppers , squash ect.ect. Love to garden too.
Blessings to you and your family.



Ana Luisa said...

Hello! So glad to see you again on your blog. I didn't know anything was amiss until I read this post. I hope you're doing better.
Plants are always wonderful to have around. Well done on your seedlings!