Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Visiting Antelope Island in Utah

We wouldn't have known about this hidden treasure, except for a local waitress that said, Don't miss it. You travel by a thin, narrow road that is filled with birds, feasting on the brine shrimp. They are the only thing that survives in the high salt content.

Even though we didn't hike far, the Antelope willing posed for the camera near the road toward the ranch. You have several beaches, where you can swim, or should I say float, since with the 5 times the salt as in the ocean, even I can float.

Every where you look the still water reflects the surrounding mountains. I am surprised I didn't see local artists lined up along the roadside.

Closer view if the birds along the roadside.

Finally came the buffalo. Some traveled alone, and other herds of them stood on the beaches, by the water and looked like they were standing on snow. They came within 10 feet of the truck, more curious then anything.
This side-trip is definitely worth the half day if you drive, or full day if you plan to hike, where I am told there are Mountain Goats, we have this park marked to go back to when we have more time. Oh and did I mention there is now a restaraunt that serves some pretty good buffalo burgers too.


Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

i love the pictures esp the ones with reflection looks like an isolated place though! Was that deer in one of the pictures?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you were only a short distance from us! Antelope Island is kind of a fun place to visit. Did you see the ranch?