Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mississippi in the Rear-View Mirror

Last night we finally got to see the Holiday Inn's film of our robbery. We had to watch the
film, starting from Easter Sunday, which was kind of cool since we always park in the same
spot, Hubby and I were the main characters in our own little video and KFC's bucket of chicken held the co-starring role.

Finally, it was April 18th, after almost an hour of watching softly falling rain, broken only
by flashes of lightning that reflected off the black of our truck, when suddenly, we all froze
as we watched a small pinkish-cream colored car pull right in from the main road and pulled in
to park right beside our truck. It was so quiet I could hear a heartbeat, but just wasn't sure
if it was mine.

Then as if one, we all spotted him. An average, but somewhat skinny black man appeared, his
head just over the tonto cover. He was wearing a white baseball hat, but looked up at us all
like he was watching us, through the same camera lens. I felt a bit queasy as I could see him
working on something on his side of our truck. Even though we were all prepared, everyone in
the office jumped as the tonto cover on our truck popped open with such ease. You could almost
feel his adrenaline as he leaped over the back tailgate and feverishly began grabbing our

Just as quickly he was out of our truck and he disappeared out of view, behind the truck. Again
his head popped up over the back end of the truck into plain view. He starts pushing with all
his weight to get the tonto cover back down into place. The very same corner he had pryed up,
he left a gift for the local police of, one perfect set of fingerprints and a jewel of a full
palm print.

Then just as quick as he had arrived, he was back into his car and pulling out onto the
sparsely trafficed main road. It was over, you could hear everyone sigh in relief........
before that sigh had escaped though, it was interupted by a groan of disapointment, or was it
gasp of almost triumph....

There was my dear Hubby coming right out the hotel door, right in front of the truck. Carrying
his bag of ice for the cooler, Like time-work it was exactly 6 AM.....

Less then 2 minutes after the thief had left....... Kind of creepy, huh?

As of today there have been 5 more trucks robbed at this Holiday Inn. Their manager, Denise had to actually learn how to use the rewind button. Now lets see if she can learn to record for the police. I didn't recognize the guy, but on Saturday one of the locals that we had hired stopped by the store and when I told him they had finger prints and everything was on camera, we haven't seen him since. Hubby still has his paycheck in the truck. Not enough though, to help cover any

I may be very happy to see Mississippi in our rear-view mirror.............


Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Oh my , what horror to sit there and relive it all in a way , i do hope they get this crock of a guy.
Do you have insurance Barbara? I know it does not make it all better if you do but it will help to get you back to work again.

It's horrible whats happened to you.

Pammy Sue said...

I miss you, Barbara! Hope all is well.