Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oklahoma Ice Storm of 2009

We have been hit with a major, destructive ice storm, I have never seen anything like it, so much ice,
covering literally everything. They say we got 2 inches of ice, but I seriously thing it was more. We have one
of the largest Sycamore Trees in Oklahoma, in our garden. I was so scared it was going to come crashing
down onto our house. Its limbs did some damage to our roof, and filled the children's garden with limbs,
but other then the limb damage it seems fine.
We were Listening to the trees explode around the neighborhood, watching out the back, when the
neighbors tree let out a shutter, throwing ice everywhere, then falling right on their car, sending a second
spray of glass from the car windows exploding.
My son & his family had to drive in from Arkansas, to stay with us. After 2 days without power, broken
waterlines and not an empty hotel room for over 100 miles, they made the slow journey to our house. It was
really a nice visit, in our busy lives it's usually only a short visit.

Most of our neighbors are still without power, mainly up on the mountains, and the rural areas, even the
schools are still closed with no electricity. Now though the neighborhood is filled with strangers, knocking
on doors, asking if we want to hire them for the clean-up. I hate strangers, I hate knocks on the door, Now I
even set the alarms during the day. I wonder if this is what happens to everyone after a disaster?
Today we have to run out and check all the damage to our rentals, . More pics are here


Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

Hello Babara
i am so sorry to read about all the distruction to you and others property. Extreme weather can be so frightening, we feel so helpless when we can't control it. That second picture is so pretty. I see you have had a testing time, the snow that fell in Lodon, UK is nothig compared to what you have had. I am glad you was able to see family and enjoy the time together.
The sun has been out here yesterday and today so we have a melt dow goig on i have listeed to large slides of snow falling from the roof most of the moring, now its dripping everywhere high. i went out earlier very icy, dangerous. Only to be told maybe it may snow again thursday so i am praying for safe measures. the schools were closed for 2 days and London pretty much grinded to a halt.

Sherry said...


so sorry to see and hear about the damage, i am from Indiana and have been through ice storms before and they are very scary and dangerous.

i know what you mean about strangers and knocking on your door, that happened to us during hurrican charlie, it was awful. our house backs up to the woods and you could hear and smell all of the cedar trees snapping, very scary too. Hope everything gets back to norman soon for ya.