Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rabbit Chunky Finger Puppets

I found this pattern in an old magazine, McCall's Design Ideas Christmas Knit & Crochet, Vol 18. The cute little rollie pollie finger puppets are stuffed. There were seventeen kinds in the article; humpty dumpty, puppy dog, mouse, snowman, clown head, Santa, this rabbit, frog head, elephant head, teddy bear, octopus, jack-o-lantern, little yellow chick, pink piggy, owl, panda bear head, black spider with legs.
The little ones in my life seem to enjoy fitting things into other things, so I thought the egg cartons would be fun.

Unusual crochet finger hole.


Sherry said...

Love your blog

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

gosh , Barbara you made so many and they look fiddly. I am sure your efforts will be rewarded by the little ones in your life.
Great stuff.

Have a nice day.