Saturday, November 5, 2011

Earthquake? Here in Oklahoma?

Holy Crap !!! Hubby and I were just heading to bed tonight.... when this very loud rumble felt like it was right under our house. The windows began to rattle. I thought that a huge water pipe must have broken.  Hubby thought it was a tornado coming down, and told me to get to the safe room.  It probably only lasted about 25-30 seconds, but I am just not in the mood..... Hope you all are well and safe tonight. I may be up a while catching up on my prayers:)


Anonymous said...

Boy, when the earth shakes it seems to shake US right to the bone too, doesn't it? I'm glad everything and everyone is okay.

Pammy Sue said...

How exciting! But probably not the kind of excitement you want, huh? Glad y'all are okay.

Anabel Luna said...

Hi Barbara !...nice to hear from you.Wishing you Happy Holidays ! Blessings to you and your family.many thanks for your sweet and nice words.
You are a sweetheart.have a wonderful weekend.



Barbara Bradford said...

I sometimes wonder